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  • Hessonite Gemstone Emerled Cut- 4.86 Carats


    Hessonite Gemstone is a semi-precious gemstone from the grossular Garnet mineral family. Jewelry makers generally cut Hessonite eyesprings with a creamy luster and a rich golden hue in cabochon form to enhance their sparkling brilliance. Hessonite Gemstone Detail: Shape: Emerald Cut Weight: 4.86 Cts. Certificate No.: 050922/318300

  • Hessonite Gemstone Emerled Cut- 5.52 Carats


    A beautiful stone, this Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone has an attractive balance of high quality cuts, vibrant colors and clean crystal structure. It offers a natural energy that reinforces feelings of happiness and well-being. Hessonite Gemstone Detail: Shape: Oval Mix Cut Weight: 5.52 Cts. Certificate No.: 050922/318296

  • Hessonite Gemstone Emerled Cut- 5.73 Carats


    Hessonite Gemstone Garnet has a cinnamon-brown color and is known for its durability and hardness. Roman’s believed the stone had talismanic powers. This gemstone was in great demand during the Roman Empire, with artisans producing objects from it including jewelry and statues. Hessonite Gemstone Detail: Shape: Oval MixCut Weight: 5.73 Cts. Certificate No.: 050922/318299

  • Hessonite Gemstone Emerled Cut- 6.60 Carats


    Hessonite Gemstone is the best stone to wear if you want to clear the confusion that natives with Rahu doshas face. It helps in bringing in confidence, stability as well as positive energy into their lives. Hessonite Gemstone Detail: Shape: Oval Mix Cut Weight: 6.60 Cts. Certificate No.: 050922/318298

  • Hessonite Gemstone Emerled Cut- 7.00 Carats


    Hessonite Gemstone, Gomed is a semi-precious stone from the grossular Garnet mineral group. Hessonite’s electromagnetic charge makes it an effective tool in balancing money and career and business matters. Hessonite Gemstone Detail: Shape: Oval Mix Cut Weight: 7.00 Cts. Certificate No.: 050922/318297

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