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  • Scolecite Crystal Oval Ball For Spiritual Growth


    About Scolecite: Scolecite Crystal Oval Ball promotes peace, relaxation, and communication with higher realms. Benefits of Scoleite: Scolecite Crystal Oval Ball can help enhance meditation, deepen intuition, and improve communication skills. How to use: Scolecite Crystal Oval Ball can be used for meditation, spiritual growth, and enhancing communication abilities.

  • Scolecite Crystal Round Sphere Ball


    About Scolecite: The meaning of scolecite crystal round ball is believed to have a powerful connection with the spiritual realm. Benefits of Scolecite: The Scolecite sphere is a great crystal for those who struggle with anxiety, stress, or depression as it helps to promote inner peace and tranquility. How to use: Scolecite is used as […]

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