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  • Black Tibetan Singing Bowl with Mantra


    Black tibetan singing bowls has a striking black and gold finish with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra in bright gold lettering. They can be placed at home to prepare the mind for meditation, stimulate the immune system, stress relief, and harmonize the body. This bowl comes with the wooden mallet and beautiful designed ring […]

  • Brown Tibetan Singing Bowl Wooden Mallet


    A perfect source of peace and knowledge is this brown Tibetan singing bowl. This fascinating musical bowl and wooden mallet noted for its beautiful melody can improve the splendor of your morning prayers. You feel positive and peaceful. It inspires you to work harder and more passionately to tackle life’s challenges. Brown Tibetan Singing Bowl […]

  • Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl For Relax


    The sound of golden tibetan singing bowls allows deep relaxation of both sides of the brain. This sound will remove all toxins from the body, which will reduce your stress. After sound therapy emotions become calm and the mind will be more clear, and the sound vibrations have an effect on the body after the […]

  • Green Tibetan Singing Bowl For Heart Chakra


    The color green tibetan singing bowl represents the heart chakra and is associated with feelings of gratitude, love, compassion, and dedication. This symbol of Buddha has been beautifully embossed on the inner center of the bowl. This singing bowl begins to vibrate and creates a beautiful, specific sound frequency. Green singing bowls have numerous health […]

  • Large Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl For Power


    The large golden tibetan singing bowl is consistent and very easy to use and offers unique frequencies when played in rotation and struck. The hand-hammering process and design of the bowls will produce a more ambient sound. Gold singing blows are greatly used as a support tool for yoga, music, and the power of vibrations […]

  • Red Tibetan Singing Bowl For Root Chakra


    The color red represents the root chakra and is associated with anchor, matter, money, work, safety, and survival. They are often referred to as Tibetan singing bowls, more accurately called Himalayan bowls. There have been primarily used for meditation and relaxation as they produce a reverberating single tone or a continuous, soothing sound, that can […]

  • Small Black Tibetan SInging Bowl


    Small Black tibetan singing bowls are used for chakra balancing, deep relaxation, stress reduction, natural therapy, Healing, and classical music in addition to their traditional use for meditation. Many people discover that their chakras are directly impacted by the rich fusion of harmonic overtones that the bells produce. These carefully tuned Tibetan singing bowls emit […]

  • Small Golden Tibetan Singing Bowl


    Small golden tibetan singing bowls also known as himalayan bowls, are used for relaxation, sound therapy, sound massage, healing, and personal well-being.  By striking or rubbing a striker on the sides and edge of a healing singing bowl, sound is produced that flows throughout our bodies, creates mystical changes in our bodies, minds, and emotions, […]

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